Logs, Kindling and Firelighters

At Brighton Woodburners, we have a selection of high quality fuels at low prices. We are able to deliver for free locally (within 3 miles of the shop) for any orders over £80.00. Please contact us for current stock availability on 01273 911 630.

Hotmax Heat Logs

Hotmax Fuel Logs

20kg Bag


Hotmax fuel logs are very easy to light without the use of firelighters or kindling. We recommend that you start your fire with a few of the thinnest disks of Hotmax in your bag. You can create thin disks by breaking or chopping slices off a bigger log.

Arrange two or three thin disks in a ‘tent’ over a couple of screws of dry paper and light the paper. You could use strips of paper from the bag. The paper is 100% natural and safe, and the ink is water-based and completely non-toxic. Then just add more logs steadily to build your fire.

Kiln Dried Hardwood

25kg Bag (approx.)


A handy easy to carry Woodsure accredited ‘Ready to Burn’ bag of hardwood logs.

Ideal for inside storage, when storage is an issue. Packed in breathable material for better air movement between the logs. Perfect for carrying through your property if access is a problem. Ideal for use in Pizza oven or Wood fired stoves or just your multi fuel appliance. Perfect size for a weekend’s burn. Bag Size: 100cm x 89cm

Within each bag of logs the logs are all kiln dried down to below 20% moisture content which will give a long slow burn and burn at maximum efficiency.

Burner Firestarter Tubes

Burner Firestarters

Price per Tube - 100 Firelighters


The burner firestarter firelighters are the safest way of lighting up a fireplace, barbecue or bonfire etc. Each sachet has been made from bio oil to make the sachets odourless and environmentally friendly plus they are made from non-hazardous and non-poisonous material.

The burner fire starters have a low controlled flame which allows them to burn efficiently within coal or wood in a confined area. Each sachet is self contained and has a high flammable point which makes them easy to light but they won’t light by accident. Burner Firelighters will light even if they have been exposed to humidity or water

Eco Kindling Box

Large Eco Kindling Box

6kg Box (approx.)


Simply place a few kindling sticks into your fire along with our kiln dried logs and light with our great range of firelighters.

The kindling wood for sale from us is all extremely dry and can be the perfect compliment to firelighters when attempting to light the fire.

Our large 6kg box of perfectly shaped and fair trade kindling comes with all the eco credentials – made from recycled cardboard, uses eco ink on the packaging and using waste wood to produce the fuel. And being in a box, they stack great too!

Eco Firelighter Wool

Eco Firelighter Wood Wool

1 box contains approx. 24 firelighters


Our easy to light natural firelighters are without doubt one of the best and simplest products that we sell.

There is no paraffin used so picking one up does not leave your fingers smelling like most traditional lighters.

They do not make black smoke which can damage the ceramic glass on your stove.

Just one fire lighter is all that is required to light a stove.

They are also an ideal way to light a barbeque.