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With a wood burning stove from Aduro, it is easier for you to fire correctly. Aduro wood stoves are designed with sustainability and user friendliness in mind, and they constantly develop new products and systems that should help you get a good experience with your stove. With elegant Scandinavian design that suits your home, Aduro have made it easier for you to choose a wood burning stove. More than 400,000 stove owners throughout Europe have already chosen Aduro to warm their homes. Will you be the next?

Wood burning stoves for everyone.

Aduro sell two series of wood burning stoves: Aduro wood burning stoves and Asgård wood burning stoves. By choosing a wood burning stove from the Aduro series, you get a wood burning stove designed by Danish architects, who have put much focus on aesthetics, sustainability and decreased firewood consumption. Asgård, on the other hand, is a series of affordable wood burning stoves that ensure a clean combustion and simple operation. So, if you are looking for a new wood burning stove, Aduro have something for everyone.